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Shhhh Everyone here is sleep except me. It is Kyra’s nap and Adam didn’t sleep well last night, so he is napping too. Yes, this picture is Kyra like 2 minutes ago. I think it is the fastest I have ever posted a picture.

We got our tax return this morning. I love that feeling every year when we get that. It is when I catch up on our finances that Christmas put me behind. I officially paid off my car and paid off our couch (which was the plan when we got the couch). I am once again a full month ahead on the house payment which I will stay until the dreaded Christmas comes again. That gives me extra money that I can use until the tax return again.

In the end I spent all the money today. The feeling of having money is over. It was good for a few hours though.

I get paid my first official driving check on Thursday though, so that will be good. This is a good week.

I should go take a picture of Adam sleeping too. He has the door closed though and isn’t as sound a sleeper as Kyra.

We were invited to the neighbors for lunch, so everyone will be up at 12:00 to get ready to go. I think she is making my favorite “Chicken and Biscuits” as she asked what my favorite was and I told her in somewhat of a detail. She drew a picture of Kyra when she was like 5 or 6 days old and is giving that to us. We are going to get it framed and it will go on my wall for the rest of my life. I think I am going to frame the pants Kyra is wearing in the drawing too. I am so excited for that though. I have the best neighbors.

Well, there is my sneaky post in the middle of the day. Rarely do that….LOL…Have a good day. Posted by Picasa