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We did it. Kyra slept in her own bed last night for the first time. Granted, not all night, but it was a start. She slept until 3:30 in her own bed by herself. We worked yesterday on some projects including getting Kyra’s bed into our bedroom. (Her bedroom still has the A/C in it, so she can’t sleep in there or she would have.) She has her bed now though in our room and is out of our bed at least for the first half of the nights.

Here is Adam and her laying on the bed before we moved it.

There is exactly 4 weeks left until school starts again. This is sort of ironic because terrible stuff is going down with another bus driver that was there. Mr. Burkholder who used to drive the very bus that I now drive is being held for sexual assault and all sorts of stuff. Apparently, he had ongoing relations with an underage boy for years. This sort of stuff is so sick that it happens. He isn’t found guilty yet or anything, but charges were filed and a lot of bus drivers are in shock. We can’t imagine how anyone could do this to a kid. I guess people want to capture that innocence, but by corrupting it is the wrong way to go about it. It is definitely a low class of person for sure.

Well, I am on my way to cook. It should be fun. Monday night is wing night, so I will probably cook a good 30 dozen wings. I hope it isn’t dead slow like it was last week. It is so boring when nobody is ordering food and plus I eat to much. I need to not have time to cook food for myself. Bye…