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Today was a good day basically.  I had Kyra most of it well until after my afternoon routes.  We did a whole lot of playing today and reading.  I actually wasn’t down in my computer area at all this morning hardly.  We usually play down here.  She was so tired in fact that she slept for the entire 2 hours we were driving this afternoon.  She only just woke up when I backed in to the house driveway.

Deuce is not liking his new cage, and revolting by going to the bathroom in it yesterday.  I took the next blow today on him and made it 1/2 size, so he is basically squished in there.  I gave him a toy stuffed with peanut butter while in there too though and he didn’t touch it.  Poor guy….  if only he had not eaten all my shoes and the trash.

Tonight, I am a slight bit nervous.  I have no idea really exactly why that is.  I have never slept completely by myself in my house here though before.  I have stayed alone a whole lot while Adam was over the road though years ago.  Stephen said he would stay, but I said no.  It is a strange mixed feeling.  Deuce will probably end up sleeping with me though, I have company anyways.  LOL…

I still am having a hard time calling it a Thursday too.  I want so bad for it to be Friday. 

Tomorrow will be fun though.  I have quite the night planned out for us.  We are going bar hoping with a whole lot of friends.  We rented a 15 passenger vehicle as the transportation.  I am of course driving….I am always the driver.  We have plans for a total of 22 to have riden in our vehicle, so yeah we will have a few get off and they will be eplaced with new seat warmers.  It should be entertaining though to say the least. 

Kyra is spending the whole 24 hours of tomorrow with her dad.  It is good for her.  Well, I am off to bed.  Have a great night.