Select Page has just been dragging by. I left at 3:30 to designated drive, so we are just sort of waited for 3:30 as boring as that sounds. We were outside playing. It is cold, so Kyra was in her Halloween costume. It is nice and warm. She fits it better now than she did at Halloween.

She thinks it if fun to sit on the desk, so here is that picture.

I left at the designated 3:30 time and forgot my camera. I was going to take it. Oh well.

We went to this place called Burgundy’s which is about say 45 minutes away. It was really fancy. I didn’t know what most the food was at all. I ordered the most recognizable food on the menu which was a chicken wrapped in bacon. I got it and it was good. It was stuffed with some sort of meat and sage stuff though which tasted weird. A good weird. The best part was the dessert. It was probably the best thing I ever tasted. I was a cheese cake with some sort of chocolate on it with frozen raspberries on top of that. It was so good.

I got back at about 11.

Well, that is that. I have to go start the bus and be on with the day. See ya…