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Today I woke up and almost immediately took Stan and Kyra up to Adam’s apartment.  I had my camera all ready, but I forgot it.  He is setting up his place pretty nicely though.

I went and did the rest of my Circuit City job.  I had forgotten my new paperwork on Monday, so couldn’t do part of it.  Well, that part took well over 2 hours.  I was moving, but I sure did seem slow for some reason.

I came home it was after 1.  I checked my e-mail and was thinking about what to do with myself next.  I am not used to being totally alone.  Well, I didn’t have to think long as to my surprise in pulls Adam in the drive.  Well, that was a waste of time today..he only visited with them like 4 hours.

After 3, Chris came to get Kyra’s new bed and my new bed frame.

We got those and brought them in.  I put both the frames together that went smooth.  I decided to go get my bed and bring it down.  The bad news is it didn’t fit.

The good news in that is that I can take it apart.  I have one of these Nautilus Sleep System mattress and base.  The base can be taken apart.  The bad news in that is it has something like 40 screws to unhook and rehook.  My wrists don’t hurt as much as I expected they would.

Putting my bed together made me sweat like I haven’t sweated in forever though.  It took a total of 4 hours to take it apart and put it back together, so no little job.

I can’t move now for sure though.  LOL…

20070801_00108p I haven’t got all the shelves out of the room that Kyra is going to have, so for now we are going to be having slumber parties at night.

I have to go get a clock down here because it is dark all the time…a perk for sleeping but not for waking.  It is going to be sort of strange to wake up in the morning to total darkness, but this is something I think I can get used too.

I talk to some of my family and they sort of have the sentiment of you have that big house why would you sleep in the basement.  I have to say…I am really loving it down here.  It is like a complete hideaway.  It is by far my favorite part of my house. 

I am going to find someone to rent the master bedroom upstairs, more than likely.  That will allow me more leeway in my finances.  It is going to be very very tight as it is now.

I also like that Stan can’t peek in on my sleeping.  No, I am not scared of him or anything like that.  I also really don’t think he was looking at me.  However, I really like that now he can’t.  He can’t sneak down the stairs without me hearing.  My stairs are very squeaky, which I like. 

Well, that was my day.  I am going to call it just that now and go sleep in my new position.  Good Night…