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Today was a pretty boring day. Nothing to exciting…LOL.

I am feeling pretty smart right now though. I am trying to learn some more about working with CSS. I am at the point where I just barely understand anything about it. I just know it has a huge effect on this page, so I want to learn about it.

Ok well any ways my main issue was trying to figure out how to get my image margins and such to stick. If I make them with HTML (which I know fairly well) they don’t stick. I have learned that this is because the CSS is over riding the HTML. Well, that is all fine and good, but it puts me back to the drawing board because I don’t want my commands over rode. LOL… I don’t mind all the images being the same on the page though, so I have to go learn how to do some of this CSS stuff.

Well, to the point. I stole some code (it is open source, so your are allowed to do that) from the theme Ebony because I liked the way it looked and I thought it would be easy to find. It was and it is great. I am feeling smart because of them. Here is the link to them, so everyone can check them out. That is a great theme. I will probably use it often. At this point I have been changing the theme I use almost daily, as to read as much source code as possible and learn as much as I can. I am sort of a crazy person when I want to learn something with sort of a goal set out. LOL….

Now I want to learn how to make a fixed width theme into a fluid width theme. I like reading fluid width ones better on my wide screen monitor, and I think we shouldn’t be making our content look better for a set screen width that is assumed the normal, which I believe it isn’t. Ha Ha…who am I.

Ok…well off that topic. I have bored you enough. is what Kyra did for a long time today. She slept from 11:30 when I did my kindergarten run all the way til almost 2:30 when I left the high school on my afternoon run. That is really strange usually she only is out until like 12:30. I even carried her twice to and from the bus and that usually wakes her. She was really tired I guess. this evening she was back to her climbing ways. Here she is sitting on the table that we use to hold her toys. Anything that is far enough off the ground that she could possibly hurt herself from falling off is ample game for her to climb. She is not afraid of heights what so ever. She also apparently does not have a shortage of toys at this point.

Woo Hoo, tomorrow is 1/2 day of school and than almost a week off, well 6 days. I also get paid tomorrow, so that is a double bonus.

Well, that is all for today. I am going to bed. Night…