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I could spit bullets right now.  I am so upset.  My mom is calling Adam with threatening phone calls.  She doesn’t have the guts to talk to me her own kid, she calls Adam and threatens him, the sucker between the two of us.  (Sorry, Adam, but it true.)

I went out last week…as you all know.  I wrote about it on here.  Did I drink, NO.  Did I do anything wrong, NO.  Is it bad that sometimes I pick up my girl at 2 am, yes maybe.  Do I do it all the time, NO.  Are there worse things?  Yes…  Should I never go out and do things I like?  I don’t think I shouldn’t, being a mom didn’t come with a grounded for life bulletin.

So my mom calls Adam and threatens that Child Services is going to take Kyra away from us.  Both of us….yeah get that, why because I spend so much time in bars.  She is the biggest BITCH on the face of the earth. (Sorry, Mom, but it true.)

I like watching bands.  I like dancing.  It is stuff I enjoy.  They don’t even start until 10, what is so wrong with me going out once in awhile and having a good time.  Yeah, last week.  I spent less than $10 total for the full night out.  I picked up Kyra afterwards and went home to bed.  I was after all about 2 miles from her.

Saturday, Kyra and I went to the park for 4 hours.  Sunday we walked Lake Henrietta.  She is the most loved little girl in the world.  She spent 2 full days…Thursday and Friday with her father, doing fun things.  She then came to me and spent the following 2 full days with her mom doing fun things. 

What is the problem?  I’m not out getting in trouble.  I have a good job, my daughter is well taken care of, we have food and live in a nice house.   I didn’t do anything wrong…I am grown and can do what I want and nobody should interfere, especially from over 200 miles away. 

You don’t know what you are talking about, so shut the hell up, MOM and anyone else who has an opinion.  It isn’t your business nor your place to decide what I do and how I live.