Select Page Ha ha…yeah. I sent out almost 60 cards right. Yeah, so you know. Well, they had Kyra spelled Krya doesn’t that suck?? ha ha. Guess most people I sent to know me to know how to spell my Kyra’s name.

Yesterday, I put the pedometer on Kyra for like 3 hours. She walked 2548 steps. Wow…amazing. She is a little stepper, she runs about everywhere now. It is really funny when sometimes she turns her head and just turning her head makes her body turn. She plows into stuff a lot of times.

Some guy ran my school bus red light this morning only he is going to get busted this time. This would be the first major time. The parent to the student that just about got ran over followed the guy and got his plate numbers and stuff, so I think this guy is really going to get in trouble. Woo Hoo… I am so sick of people running through my red light. I only have 2 more days of doing my kindergarten route…so I am spoiling the kids. I let them sit in whatever seat they wanted to. we went out to dinner and to Tom’s house for sort of Christmas. Here is Tom with Kyra opening her gift from him. He got her a Kush ball and a sweat suit outfit that is really cute. We went to the restaurant Diffy’s. I have never eaten there before, but it was pretty good. There is a kid that rides on my school bus that is the cook there, but he wasn’t working tonight.

I went to Sears and did my little job than after dinner. We were going to do that on Friday, but have decided to make a track to Toy’s R Us…we love that store instead. School gets out early on Friday for me, so when I get done for the day we are going to go up there with about $50 to spend for Christmas. I really want to get some of those big Lego’s. They look like such fun. is my tree looking from the window outside. It looks so much bigger than it is. It is really cool sitting up on the table. It looks so big.

Well, that should have bored you to death. So now I will go…Bye…Night.