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So, while I was away having my great day.  Stan was slumbering here at home.  He is acting very childish, which is completely unacceptable.  I asked him before I left to take the dog out and he joked that I should take him with, but um… he pukes on short drives sometimes and can’t go into a store with us.  I was like just let him out. 

Anyways, he didn’t let the dog out.  He didn’t let the dog outside all day.  The dog crapped on the kitchen floor and he sat in his chair smelling it all evening.  It must have been lovely for him. 

So, I got home and had to clean that up.

I am resigned now however to that if he can’t help me by letting my dog outside for 2 minutes while I am not here.  I really don’t have time to help him out either.  I won’t be the one delivering him to therapy every single day for a month while he recovers from his hip operation.  I will be allowing him to take the public transportation system.  Yeah, the public transportation system that will ultimately turn an hour trip to therapy into a whole day event every single day for that time.

I will call my neighbor to come take my dog out next time I am away like this. 

I am really upset on this though, it honestly made me cry to think that he thought so little of me.  I do the best I can do to make sure he is taken care of and all his needs are met here.  I have even taken off work to get him to appointments, so he didn’t have to ride that bus system.  I won’t do that again, I saw the true Stan today, I think.  I won’t forget.  I now feel sorry for him, it isn’t any wonder he lived alone by himself prior to this if this is his true personality.

Anyways, I can’t let it get me down because today was a great day ultimately.  I am going to have a great week this week, it is Thanksgiving week.  I only work until Wednesday.  I am going to Stephen’s family for dinner on Thanksgiving. 

The strange thing though is ultimately I would have probably been to this same dinner even if I weren’t seeing Stephen.  I go to Thanksgiving with Robin and she is going to this same dinner, so I am all excited in like a million ways.  I told her I was going with him though and she was all smiles, she is all sad with this being the first year without her daughter.  She said she will be better with me there.  That makes me happy.

On Friday after Thanksgiving, my brother is coming down.  We will be doing something with them that day, so it will turn out to be a great week.  I am so so looking forward to it though.  Seeing Haley, will be great.  She is a little pistol with a personality about the complete opposite of my Kyra.  They look so much alike you wouldn’t believe they were so different, but they are.

Anyways, have a great night.  I am going to bed now.