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Today has been a rather cruddy day.  I have been feeling sort of sick/sort of just tired all day.  I wouldn’t exactly call it the cold or flu or anything like that, it is just a blah feeling.  Tom was here visiting and I was the worst guest ever, I think.  I sort of sat on the couch out of it for the whole visit.  Blah…

I have had the TV on Boomerang all day and been watching these pathetic cartoons all day.  I haven’t been a very good mom, I have been letting sort of just run around doing almost anything.  I did feed her and all that of course, but otherwise.  I haven’t read to her which I usually do several times a day.  I haven’t chased her and tickled her.  I did sing the ABC’s with her though, so does that count for something??

It is 6 o’clock and I just want to go to bed.  I actually may just do exactly that.