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My life is sort of spinning out of control right now. I have pictures and stuff to put on here, but I haven’t even taken them off my camera.

Friday was my last day cooking. It went okay. I felt really good leaving though which I figured I would. I don’t think I will do that again, except it was better than babysitting.

Saturday we went to the Corn Festival. I didn’t take my camera because it was just me and Kyra. It is hard to carry Kyra and my big camera. I would really like a little one to take places that will fit in my pocket. You should have seen Kyra eating corn though. She is super cute.

Sunday we went to the Ziggler’s swimming. The water was really cold, but we had fun. We didn’t swim that long. Kyra slept the way home. I got home and made sure my elementary kids all had seats on the school bus.

Monday, yesterday, was the first day of school. My high school kids are all almost the same. I think I have 5 new students total. I have one new stop, but it is nothing. My elementary I have 3 new students which also is basically nothing. There are no new stops on that one.

My mid day kindergarten though was and is going to be a challenge for a week here. I had 2 students with parents not out. I had 2 students that were put on my bus that didn’t belong on there. I gave assigned seats, but I will probably have to again today because they were so excited few will remember them. They want to talk and stand already.

Also about this run which I hate. It is 20 minutes longer….which sucks. I got a quarter raise on it, but hello… it is 20 minutes. I don’t see me making it shorter unless someone leaves it.

Well…I got to get Kyra ready to go for this morning. There is your cliff notes version of my life.