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Satisfied Cat

Cat Stealing Food From BabySo our cat is about the most spoiled animal on earth, my opinion. Here she is by the new dishwasher after having eaten Kyra’s leftovers. Which I would say she rarely does..she usually won’t touch our human foods. We had salmon though, so I guess she likes that.

Cat OutsideSitting Cat.Here she is outside and than inside by the radiators. Adam hates her, but I think she is great. She keeps Kyra so interested and is actually getting to be pretty good with her. She is almost 3 years old though and is just now looking the best she has in her whole life. I don’t know why she stayed so darn thin until now though. She used to only weigh like 5 lbs. I would put her at at least 7 or 8 now, which is very much more healthy looking.

Cat Hole.Oh and our kitchen project didn’t get completed without her finally getting a whole chopped into the basement door, so she could go down to her litter box unassisted. The splinters were already on the door, so they didn’t do those. It is good to have the door back on though, we were using the gate across the top of the stairs with the door removed.

Well, that is all for now. Bye…


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