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20070714_00210a Ok, last post of tonight I promise. I have to go to bed anyways soon. LOL…

Here is my other pass time for today. I just loaded my pictures and it sparked the memory.

20070714_00710a I am trying to teach Kyra how to stick a spoon to her nose. A skill that is necessary for every 2 year old to know. It is another of those symbols of being a big girl. LOL…

She got it down pretty good with the plastic “baby” spoons. I couldn’t get her to understand that you only use one at a time though.

We tried with the forks and knives too. They don’t even stick to my nose, so I think she got the idea with those. We had most of the silverware that we own out trying this with them though. It was pretty fun.

I also wanted to share also that Kyra now knows “Blue”. This seems like the perfect place. She likes the blue freeze popsicles the best and will say blue blue until you give her the right one. I love it. My girl is as picky as I am. LOL…

She can count to 10 sometimes too. This is rare though…I don’t know if she knows what she is doing, but knows that 2 comes after 1.

She has so many words now they are countless. She is going to blurt out a sentence anyday now and I am going to fall off my chair when she does.

Well, anyways…that was my day and I am going to bed now sort of early. I have to take Stan to another test tomorrow, so we will be leaving early.