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So, I don’t usually talk about religious issues on here.  Honestly, I don’t usually think about them all that much.  I know what I believe and it doesn’t matter nor concern me what you or anyone else believes.  Therefore, I have no issues at all.

Well, last night a lady from MBL messages me and start in about religious issues right off the bat.  I should have stopped messaging her from the beginning when she insulted me for having short hair.  Yes, long hair is a gift from god and so I am a terrible person for letting gods gift go unappreciated in me.

Another highly interesting thing about this person who uses MBL is that she didn’t have a blog. I asked her about that and she replied “What is a blog?”.  I ultimately told her how to sign up with blogger to spread her message and maybe have someone coming to her to get the word without her having to hunt the next victim down, because she is highly insulting on her mission to spread it without being approached or almost asked.

So, she was equally as insulted, as I was even though I had not intended to insult nor do I believe she intended to insult me.   Yeah, I am okay with people who are highly religious of any background.  I am also okay with people who are not.  This is a highly personal matter either way and in my opinion none of my business.  Especially from strangers….

Well, anyways this all got me thinking about beliefs today.

I never revealed any of my beliefs to this woman except telling her that I was not religious.  I attempted to change the subject at least 4 times.  I know I should have just ended the whole chat session and added her to my ignore box.  I was bored though, so I let her spew bible quotes.  I asked her how old her daughter was.  I asked her what her favorite food was?  She  never answered.  She asked me how long my hair was? What religion I was?  What the meaning of love is? I told her that my husband was of the same beliefs as she was and oh this made her mad.  She didn’t like that I was of different beliefs than my husband nor that we were married at all.  (Note here…she has no idea what I believe.) She asked me why I go married?  I told her I love him and he loved me, so we got married.  She thought this was inconsiderate and essentially that I should not be married.

What I am wondering is how widespread is this belief system.  Am I truly blind to the way life is lived by others??

Am I the minority that thinks beliefs are private?  I also think that people of different beliefs are equal to me and not lesser of a person.  I don’t really care what the sexual issues, political issues, or religious issues are with a person when I meet them.  They are free to have sex, vote, and pray any which way without offending me, so long as they don’t involve me.  


Am I the majority and most people don’t really care about these issues?