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Here is Kyra with the new push toy that we got yesterday. She really seems to like it. It goes a little too fast in the house and too slow outside in the grass. I put a string on it though and can pull it outside for her at the perfect speed. It is pretty fun.

Today has gone so fast. We cleaned the basement for like 3 hours. We are over flowing our garbage can for the week, and will probably overflow it next week as well. We just can’t keep all this stuff around. We don’t use it. We are going to turn one room in the basement by the laundry into a family closet, because all our clothes don’t fit in our closets that are in our bedroom and we really aren’t good at separating out all of them. This way too, because Kyra’s room is on the small side. She can have her closet full of toys and her things and not clothes.

I am going to next make a laundry shoot in the bathroom so that when we put laundry in the hamper they fall down into the basement beside the washer. I need some sort of slide though as the bathroom is almost right over the furnace and I need them to go over to the side.

Our septic system is full as well, so we went and dug out the lid, so the honey wagon can come and get the icky poo. I have to call them to come empty it.

Well, I am getting off her for a bit. Bye…