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Today all my animals got fed, I got 80 lbs of pig feed and then 40 lbs of dog food.  I did my Circuit City job and I have no reason to go back to the store later this week.  Woo Hoo… The only downfall to that is that I didn’t have hardly any time this week.

I did my Sears job and my 1 Walmart job.  Those went smooth and easy.  It was great.

I made it home in time to meet with this lady that may rent my room.  I am not exactly sure if she will be a good match or not.  I am really on the fence.  Stan is moving out now and I don’t know if I want some old lady hanging around in my house all the time.  I think I almost would prefer someone that works.

Oh, yeah… Stan is moving out on Friday.  I really am not exactly sure what I did to get this blessing.  I didn’t really say anything to him until tonight about the dog damage.  I sort of let him slumber with it.  I think it is good over all decision though for him to move on, he was starting to get on my nerves and vice versa.  Who knows why?  I am probably pretty irritating…LOL.

Anyways, I don’t think this lady is a good match either.  I am probably just going to try it alone for a few months at least.

I talked to the college about my application and all that today and everything is moving along.  I will know in 2 weeks what if any of my credits are transferred and what I need to finish my degree.  It sort of has me excited, but nervous at the same time.  I haven’t taken a class in 6 years, so hope I not rusty.

I did my afternoon routes, my kids can read me like a book.  I swear to goodness.  They always ask almost the right questions, today the question was “What is going wrong in your life?”.  Yeah, I got asked that.  How did they know??  If I am dressed up a little, they ask where I am going or the next day if I had fun.  It is amazing how much I love these kids for the most part.

I kissed Kyra this afternoon and she started doing this thing with the word “More”…  I think I kissed her a few dozen times before she stopped saying more.  It was great.

Stephen came up for a very short time and was telling me some good news about his work.  He is going to be getting out of the mill and doing a different job, which is pretty exciting for him.  It makes me happy.  He hates working in the mill itself and wants back in the woods.

This evening we went to Grace’s house, she is like 90 years old (not sure exactly) and has dementia, in the advanced stages.  She sometimes doesn’t even know her own kids.  Anyways, she doesn’t know we were there, but she likes seeing Kyra while we are there.  She was looking good though getting rather on the thin side though.  It is scary what that disease can do to you though.  It is one that I hope not to be afflicted by.

We came home watched a couple shows of Intervention. Yeah, with Stan.  I hate that show.  Those cases are terrible and they don’t tell you enough about the wonderful recoveries that they people make, so I leave it still wondering.  That sucks though…  This show had a lady with eating disorder.  It was very sad…she seemed slightly better at the end, but I hope she makes it.  She was beautiful lady.

I am broke, but Deuce ate my best pair of heels.  I am going shoe shopping for cheap heals with Lyn and a few other ladies tomorrow.  I am setting my budget at $30 for this.  Let’s hope I stick with it, at least I not driving.

Anyways, I am off to bed.  Have a great night.