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Today was really just a basic boring day.  Adam worked, so we were just home doing whatever all day. The new goats are the most exciting thing in our life right now, which really the excitement part is over.  Now, it is the fun pet the babies part, which is essentially pretty boring.

Anyways here are pictures from today.

I guess I will start with Misty and the twins.  This first one is Misty and her little girl (still unnamed) walking around her while she is eating.  Than there is one from earlier today while they were just all snoozing.  The last one is of the boy twin.  He just looked so cute laying there like that.

Next we will go to Asheley and the triplets. The second one here is where the triplets were all cuddled up.  You can hardly tell where one begins and the other ends.  They are warm here too.  It is like a little heater to put your hand in there.  Than there is Asheley earlier today when they were sort of just lined up along her side.  It was real sweet.

Now, there is me and Kyra with the little girl twin.  Lauren was out there with us, so she took this picture.

The last picture of the day.  Isn’t in the barn at all.  This is Kyra eating her biscuit when we got in.  She was pretty cute and the camera was all warm, so here she is.


It was a good day, but now it is bed time, so off I go.  Night.