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Today was just my normal standard boring day. I loved it.

I am making pizza for supper, but I am making the crust from scratch. I haven’t eaten pizza for a long time after Chef Boyardee changed there pizza sauce recipe. I hate their new improved junk sauce. I used to buy their sauce by the case, now I am so disappointed that I don’t think I will buy a thing that says Chef Boyardee on it ever again. I was so angry I wrote there company and told them how much they sucked. I hardly ever do that. The original recipe had been around and selling every since I was wee little as I remember my parents going out of their way to get that sauce and now me as and adult, I would have traveled hours for it. It isn’t sold in my local stores, except one and I searched it out for the sauce. It had the best flavor….

Well, now I am settling with the sauce that is Wal*mart brand. I tried about 6 different brands, none are as good as the old sauce, but this stuff is okay.

I am hoping that maybe by improving the crust and making it from scratch that the lack of good sauce will be overcome with exceptional crust…. lord knows I suck at cooking though, so the exceptional crust is still to be determined. I however have it rising and everything seems to be going as the instructions said they would.

This is a picture of Kyra yesterday. I was camera happy yesterday and got some good shots of her. I may break out the camera again tonight, but I am going to bed early.

� � � � �

Ok, so now 3 hours have passed since I typed up there. The pizza turned out good actually the best I have made since the new sauce. The crust worked wonderfully and I will use the recipe again.

I need to say that Kyra stood up for like a whole minute without holding on to anything while I was eating the pizza. I was like in shock…. I said Adam look look and he was like “Yeah So”… I guess she has done that for him before. She also is starting to let go of things, I just noticed. She has one little toy she will grab and than let go of and chase after it grabbing and letting go. It is sort of funny.

Well, that is all, I am going to bed now.