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We made it home with me about 20 minutes free time.  Stan’s family (his brother, his sister-in-law, and his sister) come visit to visit.  I haven’t an idea why, but right now I am not all that comfortable with this group.  I had never been more than introduced to them prior, so maybe that is why and my whole over all picture with relationship stuff.  It isn’t all that conventional.  It is all sort of strange…and I feel awkward explaining my former marriage, my new relationship, my relationship with Stan, all with people I probably won’t see again.  It is all weird and makes me want to run.  So anyways, they were here and run is what I did.

I left though about 30 minutes after they got her.  I gave them directions to a restaurant.  I called Adam to go eat with them.

I went to Stephen’s house and let them be with Stan and have their visit.  They ultimately took Stan to a motel for the night and I think have some sort of plan that will keep him away tomorrow even.  Who knows….???  I don’t…  I just know that I do expect him back sometime.

I wasn’t at Stephen’s long though, I had a Walmart job and I had to get Kyra from Adam.  He met me at Walmart.  I did my little job scooped up Kyra and home we came.  I watched TV in my living room all by myself.  It was all very strange feeling.  It is almost like when Kyra is gone I am looking over my shoulder for her, well, I was watching TV and looking over my shoulder for Stan.  Kyra was fast asleep downstairs.  Very bizarre…. 

I am now here and am going to bed.  It has been a tiring day and there is school tomorrow.  Woo Hoo….

I think I am just going to make a whole photo college thing with the pictures from today sometime, so you can see more than just a few.  Oh the fun of new things. 

20071111_00205pThe photos from Kyra dancing to the ice skaters last night didn’t turn out really well. Here is one of them, she is all blurry though, you can see she is dancing though, so I guess you get the idea.  It isn’t a very good photo though, I am disappointed.

Anyways, I am off to bed.  Good Night…