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  Well, as a lot of you know.  My father-in-law has claimed my old office.  This is what it looked like before we painted it.  We worked on stripping the old wallpaper border to no good results.  The peeled edges are gone though, so it should work.  I did the taping over the course of the last few days, so it is ready to go.  Wee, here we go.  Adam did all the painting almost.  We were arguing, which we rarely do.  I have to admit to being a bit on the grouchy side.  I am not feeling very good and am just moody.  I am not usually this way, but Adam might argue otherwise…oh well on that.  My cold is going away though.  I have a cold sore that hurts like mad that is also clearing up.  I have like this stomach achey, headachey feeling on top of those two today though, so feel bad even though, I think I am on the down side of the hill.

I will be off to bed early though, so that should help.  Here is the final look of the room.  I think it is much improved and Stan will hopefully be very comfortable in this room.

I am liking my corner in the basement just fine as well.  It will be nice in the summer here where I don’t have to use hardly any AC as I can help come on down the stairs and we can watch TV and just do stuff down here.