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I am behind is in writing in here, so I am going to write a few posts as if I weren’t 3 days late. LOL…. This is the post for Wednesday, August 9th.

Today we went to the state museum. They had a really neat display or art on the 2nd floor. I could have spent all day looking at that, but Adam insisted that we see the rest of the displays which are the permanent ones that we see everytime we go there, but we haven’t went in over a year. I still remember them though…. well anyways we saw all of them. We only had to refill the parking meter twice. This picture is of Kyra beside the window where they display the stuffed timber wolves. I guess she was getting tired.

I got some neat pictures of some of the displays. Here is the one showing the indian fishing. I thought it turned out the best of any of my display pictures.

We than went to Old Country Buffet and had lunch. It was the freshest I have ever ate there. It was very very good… Kyra ate about 15 blueberries, which I was surprised. She had other things, but she loved the blueberries. They even had Chinese food in there.

We then went to Toys-R-Us, just to look around. Boy, if I had money with me though… I surely wouldn’t have left with it. When I do have money we are going back to get some of the cool things we saw. They have this little desk thing, that will fit perfect behind me that Kyra can draw on. It was only $20. Then we are looking for a wagon… I don’t think we will get it there, but they have the selection. We test drove a lot of them. Than we are getting the megalegos. They look like so much fun. I can build things with them…He he…. I did spend $10 in there though.

We than went to the mall across the plaza and just walked. We did one loop and than left. We got home almost just as Kevin’s mom came. Which was good.

Kyra took nap than for a bit and we just relaxed.

I had my rock club meeting. We finally have all the details of our rock show sort of planned and the location booked. It will be March 24th and 25th of 2007 at the Quality Inn of Chambersburg. I am going to make an advertising website for that here in the next week or so. I am going to the Lebanon show that is next weekend. I have the Meckley Open House I will go to in September. Than the South Penn Rock Swap that I take the admission for in October. So I will be pretty active here…which is great. I also hope to go shark teeth hunting sometime next week.

Well, I got home from the meeting at 10 and went to bed. That was that day….Bye..