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I am not huge on statistics for this site.  I like looking at my feed reader number and maybe weekly go and look at the number of visitors.  I don’t real all into it though, I just like knowing someone read what I write even though.

If you ask me….I will say that I don’t care.  Which is semi-true.  I would probably still write here if nobody looked, but maybe I would be less frequent.

Anyways, I was checking my statistics yesterday of number of visitors and such.  Oh my  goodness they are amazing to look at. 

I have averaged about a hundred visits a day for quite a few months, so I expected that to be the case when I looked yesterday.  Well, blow me away I had 242 visitors on the 31st and over 200 the day before that.  Wowee….

So I got looking more into my statistics, I was all interested.  That is the most ever on my site in one day and I had never broke 200 prior to that day of the 30th.

Now, I am all interested in what the count was for yesterday because last month when I did the blog exchange.  I got a lot of hits that day.

So, I have think some of the credit to The Thinking Blog and the delightful people in at Blog About Your Blog as both of these have given me some great links here lately. 

I also wanted to note that I have the most reader subscribers as well.  That sits at 28 now, the highest I have seen before was 21.  It jumps around a whole lot, which I find strange.  I often wonder about it’s accuracy, but it is a good number for me to see.

Thanks everyone…amazing numbers.