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Piggy Back RideWell, we are doing good with our stay home plan so far. I haven’t went anywhere in about a week now. Which is pretty good. Here is a terrible picture of me giving a piggy back ride which I am now expected to do quite often.

Sly SmileHere is that sly smile that I was talking about. Sometimes, it gets even wider.

I am going to get to make a web page for another client at TeamDoubleClick, which I am sort of looking forward too. Woo Hoo…

I left a message for someone who is selling a treadmill in the newspaper, so hopefully they will reply and we can get one of those. I want to get off my little butt and do some walking as I don’t seem to be doing it outside this year. I hopefully can do it in between calls and working on stuff.

Well, that is all for now, life is pretty boring when you don’t go anywhere.