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Today was really weird.  Stephen is having this issue with his hand, we think he pulled that a nerve is out of wack or something.  Well, it was hurting when he woke up so much that he couldn’t tie his shoes without pain.  He called into work.  It has been doing this a few weeks now, so it isn’t getting any better.

Well, anyways.  I worked.

I had scheduled for Tom to come talk about downloading stuff from the internet.  This all happened.  It was good, but I think Tom felt pressure of some sort like he was imposing, which he wasn’t because Stephen was here.

So we worked on learning to download stuff for a few hours, I am not really sure if we got anywhere though because, there is no set answer to the question.  It is all hunt find and try, if it doesn’t work, hunt find and try again, this is life with computers and information on the internet.  I do think Tom has the gist of how to do it, but he just questions himself too much.

Tom left, we went to town to the post office to ship some of my ebay auctions.  I really undershot shipping costs on today’s packages.  I hope tomorrow’s are much better in that department.  I wouldn’t say I lost money today, but the one shipping was twice as much as I charged.  It is so hard those international prices and they are so different from when I sold full time.

We went and got milk and a movie while we were in town.  We came back, ate, and I did my bus routes.

I got back from that and entered all my jobs that I had done on Monday and Tuesday.  I couldn’t enter them than because the entry website was not working or up to date, so they all got put in there today.  I went and had this barbeque deer after that, it was good.  We watched the movie and well here I am blurbing it to the world.  Are you bored yet??  I sort of am even though I haven’t been.  It sure does seem more boring in words than in life.

Kyra was with her dad all day of course today, so my camera is still on the shelf.  I am going to this concert on Sunday though and will be spending Monday in Philadelphia.  I will have photos of that….LOL….

Have a great night.