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How is it that I don’t post for a couple days and my readership goes up by at least 10 readers.  This is crazy, it goes against everything that they tell you.

Anyways, Thursday was Stephen’s Birthday.  I stayed working on Thursday though, but spent the day with him instead of going to the insurance office and taking these tests.  I don’t get paid to go there yet anyways, I am just preworking basically.  Getting myself ahead in knowledge…LOL…

So we stayed home and watched Devil’s Advocate, which is a pretty good movie.  I like the end where the "devil" says Love is overrated and that the same feeling can be achieved by eating large amounts of chocolate.  That is pretty funny in my sick mind.  LOL…

We had cake and all that good stuff with his family that evening.  He had ice cream cake, it was very good.

Yesterday, he took off work too.  He took vacation days, so was paid and all that.  He had them scheduled a long time ago.  Anyways, I took off my afternoon routes just because I can.  When I get going at my new job there will be no time off for at least 90 days and probably not much after that except holidays.  You know standard week vacation deal.  So we did all sorts of running, we were all over town doing all those day time errands that are hard to do while at work. 

We went to lunch at Red Robin on them from the birthday club.  I love that place.  LOL…

We went to Sears to get my oil changed and get this, the lady that runs the cash register called in, so they closed the garage until 4 when the next cash register lady comes in.  That is just crazy.  LOL…  I didn’t get my oil changed.  We walked around the mall though.

We came home and I don’t know why but I was exhausted.  We laid watching South Park from the DVR.  We both fell asleep.  That was like 3 and at 6 finally woke up.

Now for me that is like half a nights sleep.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep like at all last night.  I was so not tired.  I just laid there thinking what is my problem all night long, so remind me not to take naps.  They aren’t good for me.

Adam brought Kyra back to me instead of me going and getting her, so that meant I didn’t do my Carlisle job.  Darn it…  I am sort of upset on that.  I have to go up there tonight and do that now.  I am so dumb sometimes.

So that was the couple days I missed here.