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Today, I am not sure about.  I did my morning routes basically uneventful.  I still don’t like my old bus, what I don’t like most is the hood though.  I can’t make turns I used to make easily.  For example, I can’t get out of my own driveway and not hit my neighbors yard without backing up.  The bus just doesn’t do it.  It turns terribly.

I like that it doesn’t have the noise reduction ceiling like my other had though.  The radio doesn’t work right, so I can’t get it to turn to my normal station.  It is basically stuck on the classic rock station, but I can jam on there.  I crank that radio up and the sound just vibrates in there.  It is cool.   Yeah, you will hear me coming when that bus is empty.  LOL…

When the bus is loaded though, it is way to loud to play the radio.  I can hear conversations that are progressing in the back, it is weird.  I used to not hear basically anything beyond seat 6 or so because of the noise reduction ceiling.   My kids are used to having to talk above the noise reduction though too, so they are extra loud.  I never knew…  LOL..

I got done with my routes came home got a shower all that good stuff.  I than went and got Robin and Larry to take them to there vehicles which we left at the bar last night.  I had a few job applications I wanted to fill out today, so we got there vehicles and they proceeded with Kyra, so that I could fill out the applications.  They took her to breakfast, which she hardly ate any of. 

I filled out 2 applications in Carlisle.  Lyn called me than while I was heading to Ship to fill out one, she asked about going to lunch with them.  Well, I was right by where they were, so I popped into Wendy’s had lunch very quick.  I left and went over to Comcast where I had put an online application in, but hadn’t got a reply.  Well, I left my name and all that.  The lady called me back told me that the job had been filled internally, so darn on that.  It would have been a good job.

I got home, got Kyra of course.  I actually beat Kyra home.  We played around the house awhile, she is liking riding her tricycle around the house.  I basically have 3 empty bedrooms that have turned into a tricycle track, we go from one to the other do a circle and go to the next one.  It is pretty fun.  I took some photos, but they are still upstairs.

We did my afternoon routes, nothing to report basically.

I got home and prepared for a sort of boring evening.  I have all those household things to do, dishes, laundry, blah blah blah.  I also did all my Christmas cards too, so double boring.  I called my brother to finish up some addresses, but they are all sent or rather in the mail box to be sent.

Kyra was being a real menace while this was going on, she dumped what was left of the milk and all the chocolate mix in a bowl and decided it would be good to microwave it.  I guess the microwave did need cleaned anyways, the sad thing is she did all this while I was in the room with her.  She was so quiet I didn’t realize she was doing such craziness.  She looked like she was just sitting on the bench with milk, which is pretty much okay.

I talked to my brother on the phone for awhile.  I am sending all my Christmas stuff to him tomorrow, so Christmas for my family is pretty much over by me.

Anyways, I am going to bed early tonight.  My stomach sort of aches, so I am going to turn in and see if I can sleep it off.  Have a great night.