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Well, today is worse than yesterday. How does that happen you are terrible, get slightly better and than go back again. I just can’t get this gunk out of my throat. I wish it would just go away enough if enough. I am going to bed early tonight so that hopefully I will sleep it off.

Today was normal otherwise. The kids on the bus were so loud that I screamed at them to be quiet and we were completely silent the rest of the way home. It was nerve wrecking/strange trying to drive with 40 completely quiet kids behind me. I don’t think I will do that again. It is like instead of goofing around and stuff they are all looking at me. I know this is not the case, but it felt like it and I sort of got a guilty feeling to look up in the mirror at them. There was not a peep. LOL… Oh well.

Also, when did it become UPS policy to just stop on the road to deliver packages. I hated them today. I was driving along and all of a sudden the UPS guy just puts his flashers on and goes trotting across the road with a package. I thought they used driveways…. This was on a road with no brim and he could have gotten himself killed. (Not by me, I wasn’t close enough) It is just crazy, why not either pull or back into the driveway. I think this is something from corporate though because they are always doing this in town too. Well…UPS people out there. This is annoying and someone is going to get killed.

Oh there was one more thing that is strange that has been happening this week. I really don’t usually notice things like this, but for some reason I have noticed. LOL… The parents to my kindergarten kids have to be there to pick up there kids off the bus at the bus stop. There is this one cutest little girl she gets off and everyday her mom gets her off the bus. Well, for the last two weeks, maybe longer. Her mom has been wearing the same exact skirt. It is not one that a normal person would have double of…it is a large flora print with like white flowers on a brown background. Now everyday, I look for this skirt. Why do I find this crazy??

I am sure people could accuse me of wearing the same thing many days. I wear blue jeans all the time though and they look the same for the most part. I don’t wear the same ones 2 days in a row often for the record and never 3 or more…LOL. Who knows what people are thinking of me though if I can think this of this poor nice lady. hadn’t said this on here for some reason, but I finally got my new lights for my aquarium. There are two lights instead of just one long one. It looks pretty good. I have about 100 fish in there now and am almost ready to take a new batch to the pet store for them to sell. I am thinking about taking my adult male in. (He is the one you can see the best in the picture. The orange one on right.) He is pretty and stuff, but I got him to be having orange or colorful baby fish and well…I haven’t gotten one.

Adam is home today and he has taken Kyra grocery shopping without me. Both because I didn’t really feel like going and because I don’t really feel like going. The second feel being more health wise. LOL… Who wants this disease spreading all around the store, not that it already isn’t. I am thus here by myself typing this and thinking about being there even though I know I don’t want to be.

So there it is my day. Good Night Now…