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We went to Red Robin’s today because getting blood drawn took almost 2 hours, and we couldn’t make it home in time go to have the lunch I had ready for us.  Anyways…I’ll talk about this later.

We were at Red Robin.  Kyra loves saying “Hi!” to anyone in a high chair.  Yeah, if someone is in a high chair within sight of our table, she has to go say hi.  I have learned to indulge her because most parents think it is cute and she is very quick. 

She usually slowly tip toes up the the baby.  She pats it on the arm and says hi.  I motion for her to come back and she runs like she is escaping from something.  This was exactly what she did today. 

I picked her up though as usual and she pointed to the baby she just said hi too and said exactly “Baby (made the stinky face) Pee Pee”.   I guess this little girl was stinky. (Kyra says Pee Pee for I need to go to bathroom any bodily process.) This little one was something like a year old, so a lot younger than Kyra. Very cute!!)  It was hilarious though for Kyra to come back with this though. 

She is getting so smart, when did that happen??