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So do you like investing, well take the Rookie Challenge at and you can be a winner.

This is a site all about investing and learning more about investing from fellow investors. They cater to the amateur investor with money information and tips from both professionals and other amateurs. You can learn by practicing your investing skills with fake money until the time comes when you feel confident enough to really do some investing.

I have done some investing myself with some mixed results, but over all it is a good experience to have. I just wish that I had more money that I could invest, but my bills and my daughter come first even though all the professionals suggest you pay yourself first. I can’t do that right now. I sort of go with the rule of “feed ourselves first” instead of paying us.

There are all sorts of resources available from this page including a very active blog and you all know how much I enjoy good blogs. I haven’t read this one very long, but it does look to have potential. There is also a “Rookie” only section. I wonder why they call beginner’s rookies though I personally don’t equate investing with any sports, but someone some where must have.

Anyways, check out a site that seems to be a leader in the category of investing.