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My kids stole $100 from me this morning.  Well, it wasn’t the money directly, but I was selling these Pizza Hut fundraising cards for my Mom’s club.  While I was at the school I went from the front of the bus to the back of the bus to have a discussion with a student that was pulling another students hair.  Thus leaving my front of the bus post and all my 3 things.

Oh…I had a sub bus because mine was getting serviced, so I know it was this group of kids because I only took 3 things from my regular bus when I got out…just prior to this route.

Anyways…I was in the back of the bus.  I let them open the doors to go into school when the teachers come out if I am in the back.  The teachers came and away they went.  One of them with 10 of my Pizza Hut cards all valued at $10 each that I have to pay for.

I called the school and the teachers are on the look out…supposedly.  The principal is going to get on my bus this afternoon to give one of his washed over speeches, probably about right and wrong.  I wonder if he even says anything about theft.  Oh goodie…  I wonder what did I expect even when I called the school???

I guess it was my own fault.  I really shouldn’t have anything worth anything in my bus.  I was selling the cards to the other drivers who always are selling things to me though, so where else do you put things you are selling at work.  Darn it….Aaaahhhhh!