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Today was nice.  I slept in until past 8 which is a miracle all by itself.

Kyra and I went on a nice walk, we walked about 1/2 a mile.  Yes, she walked.  I have yet to figure out why so many use stroller with kids her age whom are very well capable of walking.  Anyways…she did wonderful with it.

 We came back.  She is usually very content in the morning very willing to play by herself.  It is in the evening that she NEEDS to be played with, so I generally let her be in the morning only checking in on her every few minutes to make sure she isn’t attempting suicide or something.

20070923_01302pAnyways, here is what she was doing today.  I makes me jealous as it looks like so much fun.  I wonder if they make baskets my size??  Yes, I still like refrigerator boxes too.  I can’t wait until she starts making forts out of everything in the house….I have a whole stock pile of blankets in the ready.

I was reading on Laura Lohr today.  Her article Terrible Two’s and Are They Really That Terrible.  It made me realize I am the terrible one in my grocery store shopping trip as I dig to the back to get the very deepest box of rice on the shelf.  I think the produce guy that stacked the apples like that deserves to have them knocked down…why would they set up their customers for failure like that??

I am wondering about if this is the terrible two’s what have I got coming for me as this whole age seems to be about the most fun a person can have.  It is care free and loving at the same time.

I haven’t gotten Kyra to say “Love Ya, Mama” yet.  I tell her I love her all the time though.  On a constellation, I can get her to say “Mama Beats Me” while I am tickling her sometimes. Which in my warped sense of humor almost as good.

20070923_01507p The hair stylist lady came today and did my hair.  There is my bug eyed self portrait.  I really suck at taking my own picture and looking somewhat normal.  Anyways, I had a hair relaxer / straightener put in. 

Yes, I know that breaks the heats of all the ladies out there spending a fortune on curly hair.  My hair is curly to the point I look like Bozo the Clown sometimes and the straightener will keep it somewhat manageable for a few weeks, which I love.  It also makes it feel so nice in my fingers instead of constantly all knotted up and needing combed like 10 times a day.  Nothing can talk all the curls out of my hair though, so it only partially works and my hair stays with some of the curls which is cool.

Adam came and got Kyra tonight after that.  She is staying with him for 2 nights straight.  It is the longest since we have been apart. 

I had a rock event scheduled for today, but it was canceled. Adam had changed his work schedule to be able to have Kyra for that event.   Adam likes his football though, so I kept her today and let him watch football. 

20070923_01405p My school has only 1/2 a day tomorrow, so I basically drive a full days routes in 2 hours less time.  Thus, I didn’t in the middle of the day have time to take her to him, so we decided for him to just get her tonight, so off she went with him.  She wore herself out today though, so he probably won’t see to much of her tonight as she will be sleep the whole time.

I am glad she doesn’t have to be on the bus tomorrow as by the end of it, even I am sick of being on there.  It is a short day, but these short days seem like the longest of days.

I am going to bed early tonight.  I will probably be up late tomorrow watching football with my neighbors, so I need the sleep.  Good Night…