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Today just started off strange. Sara my neighbors daughter came knocking at my door at about 5. I thought immediately like there was an accident or something terribly wrong, so we let her in blah blah right. Well all she wanted was a ride to Carlisle. We of course said “NO” not at 5 am. We are sleeping…that is what we do at 5. Come back at 7 and I will take you where ever you want. She went something about she needes a friend and blah blah. I just stayed in my nice warm bed. LOL… What a start.

Well we finally got up about 8 at least I did. I think Adam was already up.

Kyra is now taking her nap. She was napping about an hour and how did I know to get up and look at her. I got up went and looked at her, she was laying there with her eyes open. Not crying… She sat up looked at me and did a few flops around the bed and is now back asleep. She never made a sound. LOL… Hopefully she will sleep another couple hours.

We are going to Michaels soccer game in Shippensburg and then maybe Jonathan’s football game in Newville. Who knows though, maybe both will be rained out.

This picture is from Monday. Kyra about to come down the slide all by herself. She did great….then she did great again about 20 times. LOL…