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I forgot to tell you this yesterday.  It is a bit of a strange occurrence.  My parents called and said they are coming down here tomorrow, so Sunday.  I haven’t spoke to them since December 26, 2005 and this has taken me a little bit of figure out.

Ok, so they are coming to give Kyra her birthday present and I will never keep them away from her.  I told them that on that very last day.  They seen Kyra at a wedding last July and I guess I did say “hi”, but nothing really more. 

They however wanted to take her to lunch (just her), but I instantly nixed that idea.  I will go to lunch with if they want, but just Kyra…not a chance.

I instead have got a plan together that hopefully will be fun for them too, but only if they agree to it.  I am being very nice…or trying.  Kyra isn’t really all that fun in a restaurant strapped to a high chair.

I called them back and told them to bring a change of clothing, shorts preferred.

I am going to fix them one of my healthy meals on my grill, very sweetly. Something like pork chops, some vegetables, and who knows…something.  LOL..   Let them color in chalks on my back cement with Kyra, if she will let them.  She really likes coloring, so I think this might open her up slightly.

I will then take them to the park and let them play on the water pad with Kyra.  It is expected to be about 90+ degrees, so that will feel good.

I have figured that since they want to come celebrate Kyra’s birthday, they can do things that Kyra likes to do.  We can make this all about Kyra.  I really don’t want to be included all that much, but am going to go out of my way to try to make Kyra have a good day.