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There is no picture today because I can’t get the Picasa software to work or the Blogger.Com webpage to work, so I will try e-mail.
This was an eventful weekend and even more eventful day.  Saturday, I got a call asking me if I would change my bus run.  I said it don’t matter to me whatever run you want me to do is fine.  I would really like to keep my bus though as I like it.  So he said let me think about everything and I will get back to you.
Sunday, I get the call.  I want you to do the run for 85 the lady that was killed and I need you to teach this other driver your run.  I said Okay.  So Sunday, I got the other driver and we drove around our whole school district learning runs with my car.  It is actually harder than it may seem to just have a list of addresses and have to figure out the maze that connects them all.  We did the best we could.
Than this morning, I got to test my learning skills on kids that were traumatized on Friday. 
I did surprisingly better than expected.  I only missed one stop and it was a newer one that wasn’t on my list printed a few months ago.
I did the kindergarten run which is now mine.  I didn’t make one mistake, which was really good.
After that we went to the Transportation Department and made some changes to the morning and afternoon routes, so they headed me home and away from home in the right direction.
We only had an hour after we finished there, so we went out to lunch at Goody’s.  Kyra was really good.  She ate some applesauce and some of a biscuit.   She is such a good girl.
We than did our afternoon runs, now there are two.  Adam kept Kyra and I walked with Cathy 2 miles.  That was refreshing.  It is such a beautiful day.
I went to the neighbors and invited them out to dinner in two weeks, so that we can get our picture framed and get our new screen doors which I am all excited about getting.  This week is just crazy though and I don’t have enough time in the day.
Well, that is all for now.  Hopefully this one goes though, I am pretty upset that I have done all the work lately and the post hasn’t happened.