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My life is sort of stressful right now for a whole bunch of reasons, some my fault and some not.  Some I know and some I myself don’t even know of.  I am finding myself worrying a lot about things I shouldn’t be worrying about.  I am usually not a worrying sort of person.  I am usually the one that is the most relaxed in an entire room of people.

This worry about virtually nothing has me all stirred up and not feeling like blogging which is my total stress reliever.  How can that be that the very thing that blogging does for me and I need is what I don’t feel like doing.

I have Stan’s brother and sister coming on Friday night in addition to all this.  There will be 4 house guests here.  I am sort of looking forward to it and sort of going “Oh my goodness” what is going on in my life.

I also have a student from my bus moved into some sort of temporary housing, which I am hoping that she calls me.  I left a message for her to with her new driver to her temporary house.  I wouldn’t really feel this worried for every student.  Some I just sort of check off when they leave my bus almost like they are unnoticed.  I know this girls story though and it breaks my heart that a very good student and person can be having this happen to them. 

The ones that are more likely for me to go unnoticed are the ones that are first off or get off with the large group of students at my large stops.

Anyways, that is my life for now.  I am trying to figure it all out and it is very time consuming.  Good Night…