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20070801_00110p I can’t resist showing this Kyra sleeping last night the first night in her big glrl bed.  Yeah, the cats first night too.

20070802_01405p Here she is all ready for winter.  She cracked her head open somehow.  I actually have no idea how.  I didn’t see it happen I don’t think even though I was watching her.  She didn’t cry. She has about a 1/4 inch gash though in her head and it was bleeding pretty good.  She was getting blood all over though and so I tied this scarf and a rag to the back of her head. She she didn’t bleed all over the place and it was sort of sanitary.  I didn’t want to put a Band-Aid on the back of her hair, plus I don’t have any Band-Aid’s Adam took them. 

She had Beef Tips, so is a bit messy and I was sticking my tongue out at her, for this photo.

20070802_00402p  We went to the medical lab place where Stan had to get some blood drawn.  They have him on blood thinner now to help with his irregular heartbeat, but we have to get his blood drawn every week for a month or so to get the drug regulated.  Kyra likes going here because they have a fountain.  She is very good at just sitting on the edge too.  It is pretty nice that they have this fountain for us to play around.

I set up the opportunity for 4 bloggers to blog about me on PayPerPost.  It takes something like 2 days to activate them though, so I have no idea when that will happen.  They are only $6.00 posts and it uses the rest of the $100 that PayPerPost gave me (I used PPP direct for the majority of the money.).  I am getting all excited though with anticipation for what the posters will write about me and who will ultimately get the postings to do.  It is the easiest assignment over there with basically no rules, so watch for it…there are only 4 of them going to be available.

Well, that is sort of the cliff notes version of today.  It was a day of high ups and low downs.  I am going to bed on time tonight though.