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I guess I did take some pictures yesterday.  This was on my card when I emptied it.  I took it early yesterday morning.  Notice the Christmas tree beads on her neck and the shoe real shoe on the baby doll being pushed up and down the hall in the shopping cart. We really should take this cart with us shopping.  It would be so funny to see what she would pick to put in it.

Baby in underwear This is an adorable picture, until you figure out what she is wearing.  Yes folks, those are underwear. Clean I must add.  She is wearing them properly, but the waist goes up over her shoulders.  LOL…..  This is how she came out of the bedroom this morning.  I crack up everytime I look at it.

mean face... Do you see anything mean in this face? 

Aawwww…..I wish I could sleep and look so cute at the same time.

So today we did absolutely nothing.  I am going to get my hair done tonight though.  I got it cut a few weeks ago, but I am getting a relaxer put in tonight, so it will be less curly.  It won’t be totally not curly, but just less.  Well, that is all for now.  Bye…