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Well, that was quite a game actually.  The last few years the game has been a total bust.  I actually enjoyed watching this one for the most part.  I skipped half time though which is unusual and instead took a quick shower. The official pizza was a hit.  I am really quite good at spreading crust after all these years.  LOL…  I am now waiting on the call to go designated drive, which I don’t look all the forward too because it is freezing out.  Blah…

They already called me with a two hour delay on school in the morning.  I am just glad I got the call.  Now, I will sleep in and not bother leaving like I did last time that happened.

Today over all was just a boring day.  I worked on my website some and worked on blogtheinternet some.  I really am getting crazy.  I should take more time away from my computer as of here lately.  I need a good smell the roses bit, but I do try to be away from it when Adam isn’t home.  I am loosing my balance though and need to claim that back.

I am trying to learn a script that I can put in a blog that will allow an image that doesn’t fit in the design of my layout to come as a popup window.  I can’t find a script though and I have searched for hours.  This searching out scripts is really addicting.  I can only find ones that work on traditional sites with headers and I don’t know how to program that into my blog post.  I need someone who is smarter than I to give me some instructions.

Here is a picture of Kyra today. She had just gotten out of the bath and was playing bball with Adam.  She loves this hoop.  I have her trained to hit the ball that is too big out which she finds hysterical. 

We still haven’t found the phone that we are assuming she hid.  I am liking my new phone, but am wondering what the cost is to e-mail myself the pictures I take.  I can only assume it costs a nice chunk of change though.  I have to call them tomorrow and find out though.  It would be so so very cool if sending pictures to an e-mail were free.  My phone has an infrared thing though and if I get the portal for my computer to read that, it would probably be pretty cheap.  I will be looking into this tomorrow.

Well, that is all for Super Bowl 41 day.  The Colts won as I hoped they would.  I am not a huge fan, so I don’t have much to say.  I wish the Saints would have been there. They were beat though…blah.