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I had a fun day yesterday. We got to keep Heather and Katelyn for the day and we went to the pool. I love the pool, in case anyone hasn’t figured that out. It is great exercise and you can’t feel yourself sweating even though you know you are. It is great. Well, it was fun to be able to take them too.

Boy, Kyra is really learning well how to fight sleep, both yesterday and tonight she made me hold her to sleep. Than both nights she woke up while I was setting her down on the bed and I had to hold her to sleep again. She is really getting good at the fighting sleep though. We used to just sit her on the bed about bed time and she would go to sleep or I would nurse her to sleep. She doesn’t really even nurse to sleep anymore. She just wants to be held and than falls asleep on your shoulder.

She is also getting good at tantrums. We need to get this nipped in the butt. I think Adam will have a hard time ignoring her shreakingly loud screaming. I hope he can hold out though because this can’t work for her or she will become terrible to deal with. She did it today when I took a spoon away from her. You would have thought she was dying. Oh well, I guess.

Here is another photo from her cake eating bit. They are so cute, I really should post more of them. She started out with just one finger, than moved onto her whole hand and fistfuls of cake, and than, she went all out. Here is the all out photo of her face in the cake.

I also edited a photo and added one of the frames here to make it back and white and sort of an interesting print, so there that is. I really enjoy working with the photos and editing them to see how I can make them look and still look nice. I think this one turned out quite nice, especially at a larger size.

Today was a rather boring day. I have just been home all day except a quick jot to Wal-mart early this morning. I didn’t really need anything, but went with Cathy. She had to pick up pictures, so away we went quick trip and back home.

Tomorrow Adam has off work, so we are going to lunch and hopefully we will pick up his new computer. He is really looking forward too. He wants to go faster than me, his new processor is faster than my older one. He should be set for quite a while with this new system. I am actually looking forward to seeing it myself. I am also getting a new monitor for mine, so I can see images better and with more details. I am getting a larger monitor. So I guess we are both a bit excited…I hope it happens tomorrow.

Well, that is my day…bore bore bore. Such is my life though, LOL…. Good Night.