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At 9:15 this morning she rolled out of her sleeping pose.  Somehow during the night she ended up in bed with me, that is a rare thing.  She is in love with her bed remember.  This however is a total record..she is an early riser up at 6 most days.

20070811_00209a We almost immediately did the swimsuit thing and insisted on it being put on over top of her clothing of course.  She than almost immediately had a bathroom accident, so off they all came.

We watched Barney for a bit and then it was off to the pool.  I am not spending money, so it was a total day of being home.

20070811_00702p We enjoyed the last peach from the tree.  We didn’t have very many, but eemmm were they good.  This is the face I get when I ask for smiles.  LOL…

20070811_01302p She is still so fun to watch splashing in here.  We came in the house shortly after this to get out of the sun.  It was a hot day.

Later, Robin came and borrowed the lawn mower.  I don’t know how she always gets these junker mowers, but she has had more mowers in the last few years.  She even has a spare junker in my barn.  It makes me laugh. 

They are going to be moving the horses into my pasture tomorrow, so I wonder how my goats will take that.  They are going to have two horses in there with them.  They will eat my grass down in a hurry. 

Jonathan came up and watched some sports stuff on TV.  I sat on the front porch for a long while with my feet up enjoying the cool evening air.  Kyra became about as grumpy as I have ever seen her in her life.  She went to bed about 9, but didn’t take any naps today.  She was wining for her say last hour of awake time over any little thing and nothing at all.

I went and moved a dresser into Robin’s house tonight.  She got one back from Sara’s house that belonged in there family.  It is so heart breaking to her to find all of Sara’s pictures and things.  It is so crazy… 

Anyways, that is my pretty much my day and I am going to bed.