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I am really behind in my blog. My life has been really busy, so today. I am going to catch it up and just write a separate blog for every chapter of this weekend. This first one starts on Friday. It was a big day. We went to the pool and Kyra had her actual swim suit on for the first time. It was an early birthday gift. Here is the picture…

Isn’t she cute in her little watermelon suit.. She loves the pool, we go quite a bit though as I like it too. It is so relaxing.

After the pool, Tom came to visit and see the new fish that we ordered on the internet. They came in the mail. Yes, live fish in the mail. They didn’t send the right ones though, so I am a bit disappointed. I have to call them today and get that fixed. He left than after that.

We than went to the Newville fireworks. If you want to see a good show that is the best fireworks show I have ever seen. It is always the Friday after the 4th of July, so I think they get a discount on the cost. It is super though. I recommend…we sit only about 100 yards from where they fire them up. I forgot to take my camera as we rushed out of our house to go. Kyra also rode on her first carnival ride at there little fair there. She rode in a train thing. She was so cute. She just held the steering wheel of the train and the back of the seat in the perfect picture pose the whole ride looking out into the crowd while everyone said “Aww isn’t she cute!”. Kyra knows that she is cute though and so people don’t need to tell her anymore.

We came home from that and went straight to bed.

That is the end of this post…I have another one coming straight away. Bye…