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Dansko helps you be stylish in any season. I am always the last one to buy the seasonal items that make you look like you are ahead of the game, so I still am not ready for fall. This is changing sort of though. I feel this renewed sense of self as of lately and have bought some new clothes for myself.

I haven’t gotten any new shoes though. These Dansko shoes look perfect for me. I love the clog looking style, but I need a back on my shoes because I have high arches and my shoes move forwards with my natural walking step.

tn_Dans-306-530202This is the pair I think I like the best. I don’t think I will be buying it though because of my new restricted budget and because of what I have spent on clothes. They do offer free shipping though for orders over $100 so that is a huge benefit.

You should go check out the shoes here though before you make your next purchase.