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We did virtually nothing, but yet today was very entertaining.  We did go for a walk/wagon ride of about a mile.  Kyra got a hair cut, slight. 

20070928_00911a I learned that keys are used to start tricycles as well as cars.  This is actually a picture taken yesterday, so pre-hair cut.  Look at that long pretty lock.  That is one that got snipped today.  She insists on a key every time she rides her bike though, which is very cute.

 20070929_01803p Rubber farm boots can be very entertaining.  These are going to be a favorite toy for quite a while.  I can tell already.  They devour her whole leg and she falls in them a lot.  That is what she likes though.  A good challenge never hurt anyone??

20070929_02404p When I asked her what she was doing in this moment, she exclaimed very distinctly “Having Fun” which is now her catch all answer.  How can you be mad with such a response??  Yes, she is spreading Lotrimin on the mirror.  I guess there is no chance of it getting athletes foot now.  Yes, she opened the drawer to climb up into this position.  She is so smart, too smart.

20070929_02804p She is a good healthy eater as well.  She is concentrating on a TV show with us eating an apple from our tree.

She has now graduated from Peek-a-Boo to “You Found Me” which is adorable.  It goes like she covers her eyes and then takes her hands away and she exclaims “You Found Me”.  There is no action nor words needed on your part.  She can do this for hours on end and be completely entertained.

She uses “Yes” and “No” each very well and correctly.  She is always asking for popsicles, so I ask her if she wants a specific color and she usually says “Blue”, but tonight she just said “No”.  It made me smile.

It seems like she has learned to speak very well almost over night.  She can’t carry on whole conversations that you understand totally yet, but she can tell you exactly what she wants when she wants it.  There is rarely a time when I don’t understand what she is talking about.  She frequently changes the way she asks for something when she knows we don’t understand which helps to make me understand the original request, she will also lead you to what she wants and point and scream still.

I don’t know when this happened, but I have totally stopped calling her stinker as well.  She is now pumpkin instead.

It was a fun day though.  I hope more days like this happen.  She is going to her dads tomorrow.  His life is getting pretty stressful now with the guy that works the same job as him having quit as of this week, so when he gets Kyra will not be as regular a schedule.  He is going to be working a whole lot until they find a new driver to work the days opposite him.  It is good for him though to make that extra money.

Anyways…that was my day.  Have a wonderful night.