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Let me start off with a photo of my goats.  I haven’t posted them in awhile and being that they are babies well they grow probably faster than human babies.  Yeah, 6 weeks is like a humans 18 years, imagine if we were born and able to walk within minutes.  The terrible two’s changed to the terrible 2 day old.  Oh my the mess we would be in for.  Anyways…I thought this was a cute little family shot with the mom and both babies.  That is the girl “Caramel” looking at us. 

Oh, they canceled school as semi-expected based on weather reports.  Yeah they freak at a little snow here.  You would think I lived in the deep south.  My neighbor across the street has been snow blowing since dawn.  LOL…  I think he started with his shovel around noon.  (Oh, that goat picture was taken real early, so before any snow accumulation.)

I hate them canceling snow, but it gave us a chance to go get our taxes done.  Yeah, blah…  I work for myself too.  This making my taxes a drooling experience.  However, last year I sort of took things slow with Kyra being so young and wanting to spend time with her.  Ultimately, after all my depreciation, not including my W-2 jobs…I got to claim a loss of $800 some.  Ultimately we are getting a little under $2000 back on federal though.  Oh, don’t worry…I have it all spent. 

I owe local taxes from last year, not because I didn’t pay the, but because my husband’s company reported them to Ohio instead of PA.  I had to fight to get the money back from Ohio, which ultimately happened like a little over a month ago.  I instead of being a good girl sent the money to some other bill knowing that I would use this return to pay it.  So that is over $400 of the return already spent.

Anyways, I am glad that is done.  We get the money direct deposited end of the month.

As you can see it snowed a little more.  Kyra was liking pulling the sled, but not so much riding in it.  She is screaming in this picture.  It was time to go in the house and I made her go back out so I could get a picture.  I was in the house shooting this through the window….ahhh nice and warm.

Kyra took her bath like normal.  She loves baths.  We let her turn pruney almost every time she gets one, basically everyday.  Well, she was plenty prunelike today…she didn’t want to get out, so we drained it and dried her right in the tub.  She just laid down in there with no water for quite awhile afterwards before coming out.  LOL….

Here we are reading.  She has this acute love for reading right now. Which is pretty fun because she can make all the animal sounds and point out what all the things on the pages are.  We sit and read usually several hours a day. 

I did quite a bit of work for my clients today as well.  My one client keeps complimenting me on my work, but I have only worked for him for 2 weeks.  I sort of don’t know what to say because this usually doesn’t happen, not that I do bad work or anything.  It is just I usually take longer to get warmed up too.  It is strange for me to have this happening so fast.  He told me that he has recommended me to some of his friends for there work…Wow, what a compliment that is.

Ok, well that was today, not the usual, but not as boring as usual.  Oh, yeah this snow is amazing.  It has to be a record with 2 days ago it being over 70 degrees out.  It is snowing out, but it doesn’t seem cold out.  It will probably be a beautiful day for skiing tomorrow not that I ski or anything.  I just imagine it would be.  Night…