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Hey, who doesn’t love a good bargain?? There are tons of coupons and rebates over at Techbargains. I right now am especially drawn into the dell coupons. I am in need of a new computer system. Yeah, mine is getting a bit old and outdated. I am sort of on the fence though as to if I am going to go with another Windows system. I am thinking of jumping on the Leopard wagon with a Mac. I am really put off with the idea of Vista. I have used it a few times, but not super impressed.

Anyways, Techbargains has all the deals listed out right there for you. They have RSS feeds, so the deals can be delivered right into your reader. They offer a free newsletter, so you can get them via e-mail as well.

There are search tabs on each page, so you can find all the best deals for you. They offer a version of there site that is compatible with your cell phone browser, so you can even visit the deals while bored and waiting around for something to happen. This is me at all Stan’s doctors appointments.

I was looking at the camera deals too because well I am always drawn to cameras and deals added…a great mix. They do have some great prices on some models. Enjoy…