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I went to go to bed just now and Stan was making this awful sound from his room. (His room is directly above my head while I am at my computer and there is a big vent, so I can hear him so much as breath usually. My house is very quiet at night.) I opened the door and there he was dripping sweat from head to toe like he just ran a few marathons. He wasn’t able to talk right, he was basically unresponsive. I got sleep deprived Adam up and called 911.

They came.

Stan was having a sugar fit his sugar was down as low as 29. We are having trouble with it being too high lately not too low.

Anyways, they gave him an IV of whatever it is they give. His sugar is back to normal levels, he ate a sandwich and some cheese and a thing of orange juice.

My heart is going at 800 beats a minute. Oh, this sort of stuff sucks. What a day!