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20070616_06707p Today started out fine.  I was up really late last night past 1 am.  Kyra just wouldn’t go to sleep, so I was up.  I naturally slept in this morning.  Adam and his dad are starting to go to church and wanted to go this morning, so off they went.  Kyra and I stayed home and sang ABC’s mostly.  Yeah, I can sing them for hours at a time.

They came home and we went grocery shopping.  This is where it got terrible.  I was going to make ka-bob’s for Father’s Day.  I am trying to get us eating healthier on top of that and those are pretty healthy.  We had a bunch of other stuff we needed too. 

Stan got the little wheelchair cart and Adam got a roller cart and off we went.  It ended up we shopped totally separated from each other who knows exactly why that is.   Kyra was sort of going between us as we met she would trade mom/dad back and forth.  I was with Stan getting his meat items mostly.  The deli sometimes takes forever and well Seafood is much worse.

We got out things all finally and got to the checkout.  Adam was up getting checked out and there were like 4 people in line after him and at every other register that was open.  I decided dumbly to go through the self-checkout which was open. 

It took me forever or course, I have all this produce for the kabobs and healthy food stuff. 

I thought Adam was going to the car and right back in to help us.  Yeah right, he went out got in the car and was waiting for us, but we needed his key chain because we have one of those funky card things for all our deals.  I went out to the car which he was up by the door at least, so I said…hey I need the key chain.

You will never believe what he does next.  I am having a freaking heart attack to this minute about this.  I can’t get it out of my head.  WHY???  I take the key chain go in to scan it.  I turn around and there is Adam standing waiting for it back.  Yeah he followed me in.  Where is Kyra???  Strapped in her car seat outside the store.  Yes, it is clearly visible where we are and he was only going to be a second and blah blah blah.  I storm out and get her.  I am so mad, I can feel my blood boiling.

What the hell was he thinking?  Our little girl sitting in an unlocked car in front of a store by herself for even 1/2 a second is too freaken long.

Anyways, I got her and she was fine totally unnoticing what went on at all.

Our total came to $112 at the end, which of course I had to enter in the machine in small bills mostly $5 and $1.  It took like 10 minutes to enter the money in the machine.  I held and kissed Kyra all the while just freaking out and Adam knew it.  He went and sat in the car.

He acted like I was the crazy for being freaked out. He later blamed his lack of judgement on lack of sleep which makes me even more mad.  I am still mad.  I can’t even imagine if something had happened.  I really need to calm down, but I am not doing well at it.  Everyone should know, he flips out on me for leaving a dirty glass out of place or the toys messy.  The door open is a crime in our house. This also all adds to my craziness.  He has these high standards so high that they are almost impossible to live with and then he can do this. 

I just keep thinking why can’t we do stuff together and all stay together?  Why do we always have to rush?  Why?  There was no rush today.  There was no need to get out of that store quickly at all, but he has to have the car sitting at the front door all rushed ready to go quick.  I am so sick of that part of his personality.  Why? Just why why why???

We left and came home.  I made kabobs like I was going to.  They tasted like the grossest thing I ever ate.  I ate them anyways.  I won’t ever cook those again.  Blah….

That leads me to now.  Everyone in the house is asleep but me.  Sleep deprived Adam better never in his life use lack of sleep for an excuse again.  He can sleep and nap whenever the heck he needs too, but never will this or anything like this ever happen again.  Aaaaahhhhh!