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I still haven’t gotten rid of the shadows in my photos. I am working on it. I need a model as I suck at photographing myself and Kyra isn’t that good at looking at the camera yet on cue. Here is the only picture I got today though and I had to beg for it. It basically sucks. I don’t know why his eyes are so red.

My bus run was uneventful except I finally caught Holly waking up Kyra. She is so cute though, I said leave the baby alone. I look up and she is doing something I said leave the baby alone, her response was I was only petting her. LOL… I had her move to a different seat so she wouldn’t bother with Kyra while she is sleep. I think I will have her sit elsewhere everytime Kyra is asleep. Kyra likes Holly though when she is awake, so I don’t want to keep her totally away.

My brother-in-law got a job in Mount Joy, so he starts tomorrow. He is staying her tonight. He will only be an hour away though, so I will probably see him more often. He works 12 hour shifts for 12 days and than has 2 or 3 days off, not sure. I think I will probably see him than about every two weeks, lol…. He starts at 8 in the morning.

Well, It is way past my bed time. I am going to bed. Night…