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Well, John Edwards thinks that school busses aren’t the best transportation for kids.  He obviously doesn’t look at statistics as much as he maybe should and he doesn’t want me to have a job on top of that???

Here is his post on the site.  (Here is PDF incase that sight goes down or changes.

But…. school busses are the safest way for kids to get to schools.  That is a proven fact.  More than 3 times the number of deaths occur while students are transported to schools via there parents private vehicles.

At the school that I drive for, I am surprised more students aren’t killed in this manner.  Based on the what seems to be a race to get there park as illegally as possible and than race to get out of the illegal spot.  The school has put up orange cones in the street and twice the normal sized no parking signs to try to persuade parents not to park in some spots, but those don’t really work. 

While we are at it, why not go back to one room school houses with 1 teacher for all the grades.  That would be a way to make schools smaller.  Now, I am not endorsing huge super schools that teach multiple thousands of kids, but a good number can be taught in one place.  We have to be able to keep it so teachers can earn a living it is already bad enough for them. 

Wow…the cafeteria lady though is who should really be concerned here too though.  She will go from having a fairly nice job to having a part time 2 hours a day or a commuting from one school to another job which would suck terrible.

There has to be a better solution to any issues here don’t you think??