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We saw 30 Days of Night and it wasn’t scary in the least bit. I think he jumped once which was one time more than I did. I wonder if he was doing it to make me think he jumps too because it was right close to the beginning and I was actually pretty nervous that I would be scared. Yeah, real nerves…

It turned out to be an okay movie with an actual story. I always think of scary type movies as not having a story, but more just a few lines before the next scream. I know this is probably wrong, but it is my naive impressions.

There was one scene with a needle in it that I wasn’t really comfortable with in the movie. I just looked at Steve though. He looked at me and said you should watch the movie…I said I don’t like needles and he said oh, okay.

I explained to him later, how needles completely freak me out. I am so paranoid. I avoid them at all costs even so much as not having pain killers for some painful procedures. Blah… needles.

Anyways, that was all. I loved the vampire guys teeth, they did such a good job on those. It was amazingly real.

I didn’t like the ending though that the guy died and I also didn’t like that the vampires killed the guy that was the movie lead in. He did all the hard work of getting the generators off and stuff and then they just go and kill him. That stinks…

That was the movie though, it was a fun night.